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    "We were very honoured to participate in a CD recording ‘adventure’ with Oso. Every child from Kindergarten to Grade Three was given the opportunity to sing with Oso on the CD.
    Oso’s  tremendous talents, love of music and desire to share the magic of music with everyone showed no bounds as every child was made to feel a valuable and important part of this project.
    The excitement, enthusiasm and appreciation of the community during this project abounded."
                                                                                             - Debbie DeJong, Vice Principal, Dr. Robert Thornton Public School

Almost every child that came to participate in the recording sessions made it into the picture above.
 We were very lucky to have photographer Candace Smith take some great pictures on one of the recording days
 as well as the day shown above.  Her photos, a few others and some of the children's art appear below.
 Please enjoy.   - Oso Simple
My warmest thanks
 to everyone that sang
 and helped bring all of this music together!